The 3rd District, despite having an abundance of freight services, is sorely lacking in public transportation options. Transit options across the district are plagued with inconsistent service and is filled with transit deserts. Compared to other Congressional Districts in Chicagoland, the 3rd District is significantly “transit poor.” This creates economic obstacles for working people across the Southwest Side and throughout the Southwest Suburbs. The single greatest way to expand opportunity through transportation initiatives is to expand public transit as much as possible. Programs like the Transit Future project have helped establish a framework for how we can and should expand public transportation. Our plan includes some proposals from that project, as well as others proposed by transportation groups.


Our plan includes the following proposals:

  • Extending the Orange Line to Ford City Mall and making service 24/7
  • Construction of a new L rail line along Cicero Ave., frequently referred to as the Lime Line. This line would run for much of the length of the city from Jefferson Park all the way to 76th and Cicero, where it would cut east to meet the Red Line at 95th, facilitating direct rail travel across the Southwest, South, West, and Northwest sides without transfer.[1]
  • Increasing the frequency of both Metra’s Southwest service and Heritage Corridor to operate every hour on both weekdays and weekends during the day and with limited service during nights. I would also support adding stations to the Heritage Corridor route to increase ridership.
  • Create a Midway-O’Hare connector. This would be an enormous jobs engine and would ease traffic around the airports.
  • Creating Arterial Rapid Transit (ART) bus lines which would run in separate lanes on major suburban thoroughfares, facilitating greater transportation within the suburbs as well as to and from METRA, Amtrak, and CTA terminus points[2]
  • Increasing multimodal transportation connections in the city – making it easier to transfer from the L, CTA bus to METRA and Amtrak.  This could be done either by realigning some stations or through the construction of the Circle Line, an idea originally proposed by the CTA to link every METRA and L line in the city through another “loop.”


Expanding Biking and Walkability

Beyond bus and rail, we need to expand clean and healthy transportation options such as biking and walking. As your Representative, I would request feasibility studies into making the suburban towns of the 3rd District more walkable and bikeable. The City of Chicago has provided an effective blueprint for how to expand bike lanes within city limits. We should look to Chicago and other towns in the area that have expanded bike lanes and use their work as a blueprint for expanding biking in the Southwest suburbs and on the Southwest side.

Here are some of the ways that I would seek to expand biking and walking in the 3rd District:

  • Completing and filling in the gaps in the I&M Canal Trail. This would provide a continuous biking trail from Lyons to Peru, Illinois.[3]
  • Implementing protected bike lanes in more heavily populated inner ring suburbs and city neighborhoods
  • Facilitating last-mile travel by bike by installing more bike infrastructure at METRA, Amtrak, and CTA stations both in the city and suburbs



[1] “Transit Future.” Center for Neighborhood Technology, June 6, 2019.

[2] Ibid.

[3] “I&M Canal Trail Completion Gains Momentum.” Active Transportation Alliance, November 18, 2019.




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